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Power & quality

The product range offers a new sound experience thanks to acoustic horn: the impact of the bass is clear and powerful, the trebles are pure and precise so as to faithfully replicate each nuance of the original message.
Our electro-acoustical engineers model, simulate and create unique systems which offer a linear, consistent and sensational response. An absolutely unmissable experience!

Energy self-sufficient

An innovative low-consumption system and 100% solar: the photovoltaic supply guarantees an all-day energy input for the amplifiers and the sound controls at 230-AC. The surplus is stored in the batteries then returned at night, until the early hours.

Simple and practical

No assembly, no wiring, no noisy diesel generator: a musical Plug & Play block with unmatched ease of installation and use!
Our speakers are ready to use, they facilitate event organisation and help organisers in their energy transition.
Deployment time and cost are both considerably reduced.