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The multipurpose monolith

With the first evolution of our leading product, PikiPscène is adaptable to all set-ups for up to 800 people. Reduce your installation fees and plan artistic performances without impacting the environment!

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Audience :
jusqu'à 800 personnes par machines
Réponse :
40Hz-18kHz (+/- 6dB)
SPL max :
135 dB à 1m
Technologie :
bass-reflex / horn / stéréo / amps classe D / DSP intégré
Monitoring :
autonomie / tension / état batterie sur smartphone
Puissance max régie + accessoires :
900Wc à 230V AC


STAGE : PikiP booth / 250m2

STAGE : PikiP scène / 400m2

STAGE : PikiP booth & scène / 600m2

Frequency response

From 40Hz to 18000Hz

The extremely sizeable Bass-Reflex brings a considerable boost to the bass frequencies, while the pavilions bring punch and energy to the medium. The connections and suspensions are aptly selected between the different elements, guaranteeing a consistency in directivity for optimum listening comfort.


PikiP-scène adapts to all stages to feed them with energy.

The first evolution of our leading product.
The first evolution of our leading product.
The addition of a third channel exclusively for vocals widens the range of possibilities. The two columns can be positioned on both sides of an acoustic/live stage. Still Plug & Play, the set-up efficiency is unparalleled and the power supply for the artists material is always taken into account.

Our amplifiers are equipped with DSP (digital signal processing) which treats the signal before amplification. They guarantee power and dynamic reserve for the ultimate experience! Several modes are available depending on the type of venue, with a mode specially designed by our engineers: QUALITY LOW CONSUM.

With the possibility of pairing PikiP-scène with PikiP-booth, as well as the addition of PikiP returns/effect returns, our offer is complete.

After three years of testing, we are proud to present our modern vision of energy freedom for LIVE stages.